The SpeedKnife® Pizza Cutter is The BEST Choice!

Faster - Cut pizza in half the time – In test after test against the current single wheel pizza cutter, the SpeedKnife® Pizza Cutter performs twice as fast. The two wheel design only requires the user to move their hand half the distance of the cut. This feature combined with the ball bearing wheel fasteners makes the SpeedKnife® Pizza Cutter the racecar of pizza cutters. This feature alone will pay for itself many times over.

Easier - The unique two wheel design allows one wheel to follow the other guaranteeing a straight cut every time. Cutting pizza has never been easier. The SpeedKnife® Pizza Cutter glides across the pizza in a straight line. Whether you are professional or beginner, your cuts will always be straight.

Safer - The SpeedKnife® Pizza Cutter makes it nearly impossible to cut yourself. The great design features include two wheels under a full handle with large guards. The revolutionary design keeps all cuts straight and fast. There is no chance for dangerous curving to the left or right. The SpeedKnife® will always steer itself straight.

Ergonimic Design - The SpeedKnife® Pizza Cutter was designed to provide optimum comfort to the user and avoid stress and injury to the wrist and shoulder. After years of working with the single wheel cutter, many users have developed pain in their wrist and shoulder. The SpeedKnife® Pizza Cutter keeps the users hand and arm in the proper position to reduce stress and allow maximum cutting power by simply pushing straight down.

More Sanitary - The ease of cleaning and sanitation of the SpeedKnife® Pizza Cutter is light years ahead of the standard wheel pizza cutter. Simply using a coin to turn the fastener, the blades and bearings can be removed for cleaning. No more wrenches and screwdrivers!

Great Savings & Great Service!

Cost Effective - The SpeedKnife is more Cost Effective, Faster, and Easier. The SpeedKnife® is not your typical pizza cutter that breaks or needs replaced every three months. The SpeedKnife® is the Life Long Tool for the busy pizza shop.

The SpeedKnife® has been tested for over three years in a busy pizza shop and used every single day, without wheel changes – just regular cleaning! Based on research and conversations with experts in the pizza industry, the typical pizza shop goes through an average of 3 one wheel pizza cutters per year.

In three years the typical pizza shop goes through 9 one wheel pizza cutters.

One Wheel pizza cutters – $20 X 9 in three years = $180.00

TheSpeedKnife® – 1 in three years = $80

Your Savings = $100

Great savings and Great Service : The SpeedKnife®!

Along with all the great savings and great benefits the SpeedKnife® offers , you will eliminate the need to keep purchasing the one wheel version over and over again. We have tested the SpeedKnife® for over three years and it has many, many more years of service left.

Quality By Liones Products