The SpeedKnife is the only two wheel patented pizza cutter in the world! Cuts pizza in half the time. The two wheel design ensures a straight cut every time. To purchase or learn more about the SpeedKnife, click on the image above.
The SpeedScraper is a very unique dough scraper. The first thing you notice is the curved blade. This allows you to get the right angle on the dough without disturbing the other dough balls around it.
SpeedKnife Single
Quality by Liones has given the traditional single wheel cutter a complete overhaul. The superior strength handle design can withstand hot and cold temperatures and has a non-slip texture for excellent grip.
Replacement Wheel
This set includes one replacement blade and two replacement ball bearings. This set fits both the Speedknife two wheel and single wheel cutters. No need to replace an entire cutter, simply replace the cutter wheel and bearings.