SpeedKnife® - The SpeedKnife® was invented by Roberto Castiglione, a 40 year veteran in the pizza industry. He has owned some of the busiest pizzerias on the east coast. After years of cutting pizza he was determined to find a way to improve the standard single wheel pizza cutter and set out on a ten year process of engineering and testing that resulted in the SpeedKnife®.

3 Years Testing - After 3 years of testing at one of the busiest pizza shops in the greater Philadelphia region, Quality by Liones is ready to offer the SpeedKnife® to the top pizzerias and distributors worldwide.

Dedicated - Quality by Liones is dedicated to making the highest quality pizza cutter in the industry. Our no expense spared approach to engineering and construction includes the best materials available to build the SpeedKnife®.

Durability - The handle is made of 100% injection molded US FDA Polylac ABS plastic. This material allows for long lasting durability and safe food contact. The cutting wheels and U-Bracket are made of 100% food grade 420 J2 Stainless Steel. This provides a lasting sharpness to the blade and long lasting durability to withstand years of use. The wheels are secured to the U Bracket handle using custom made Stainless Steel fasteners and custom ball bearings to provide smooth action. They are removed simply by inserting a coin and turning the fastener. This allows for easy cleaning.

TheSpeedKnife® - Quite possibly the best invention to come along in the pizza making industry in decades.

Quality By Liones Products