The SpeedKnife makes cutting pizza so much easier for me and my employees. We always get a straight cut. I am really happy that I purchased one. It also gets a lot of attention from the customers!!

Nancy from West End Pizzeria

I have been using scrapers to remove dough from trays for years. I always had the standard straight dough scrapers. You really have no idea how much better the SpeedScraper is until you use one. The curved scraper blade makes so much of a difference. Better control, easier to use, and a lot faster.

Giuseppe from Via Napoli Pizza

I was not ready to make the switch to the SpeedKnife two wheel cutter, so I purchased 4 SpeedKnife Single cutters for my pizzeria. As soon as you get one in your hand you can feel the quality in the product. We have been using them for 6 months now and are very pleased. We can take them apart quickly to clean and sanitize them. Also we are saving money by not continuing to throw away cheaply made cutters in the garbage. These cutters are built to last a long time.

Joe from River Street Pizza

The SpeedKnife is not just another cutter, this is a tool for the serious pizza maker that will last them for a long time. I do not see the point in buying cheap throw away cutters when you can buy a SpeedKnife cutter that will be in your shop for years.

Bella Roma Ristorante

To be honest, I was very skeptical about using the SpeedKnife at first, after a couple weeks of getting used to it, I would never go back to the single wheel cutter. The SpeedKnife is truly faster and a lot easier to use.

Bill's Pizza